Carl Borges Artist at the Aubrey Art Gallery

The Aubrey Art Gallery

Carl Borges

Carl Borges - Much of my work is about the people and places I have known either at home in East Anglia or from further afield during my travels abroad. Familiar places are not drawn from a typical vantage point but instead reflect my own memories of these places, the composition is usually developed away from the scene itself. I hope that my pictures of these places will spark similar memories in other people that also know them well.

The character of any town or village is largely a product of the people who live and work there. People form an important part of my work and are often placed in the picture like characters on a stage but sometimes form a more central role. People bring the pictures to life and I take great pleasure placing them there. They all have their own stories.

I am also keenly interested in wildlife. I enjoy drawing from life and studying the forms and patterns that are found in nature. A body of my work is dedicated purely to studies of plants, fungi and some animals but most importantly this work influences the composition of all of my images.

My work proceeds through a series of sketches and sometimes photographs. The first sketches are usually from memory or imagination. As the composition develops a combination of sketches from the scene and photographs are used to fill in any required details. The completed composition is then transferred onto the surface of the lino or wood block. From this point a variety of approaches are available but all involve cutting away areas of lino and applying ink with rollers onto the bits that remain. Paper is then placed onto the block and pressure applied so the ink is transferred from block to paper. The simplest linocuts are in black and white but more complex images can be developed by layering several colours on top of each other.

l have been a printmaker for over fifteen years and I am a member of Gainsborough's House Printmakers and 12PM (12 Printmakers). My work has been exhibited throughout East Anglia and London.