Robert Gillmor artist at the Aubrey Art Gallery

The Aubrey Art Gallery

Robert Gillmor

Robert Gillmor was born in Berkshire and grew up with a passionate interest in ornithology. This reflected in Robert being a founder member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and having served on the councils of the RSPB, British Ornithologist s Union and the British Trust for Ornithology.

Robert drew upon his interest in ornithology by establishing himself as a truly successful artist, illustrator, author and editor. His career has spanned from his early Illustrations in 1952 in the monthly magazine 'British Birds' - to his next recent book 'Robert Gillmor's Norfolk Bird Scenes' in 2014.

The career of Robert has been unequalled. His pictures use a variety of forms including line drawing, watercolour, lino-cuts and silk screen printing.

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