Andrew Haslen artist at the Aubrey Art Gallery

The Aubrey Art Gallery

Andrew Haslen

Andrew Haslen was born in 1953. His early artistic interest was landscape and he painted mainly in oils. He is still inspired by the Suffolk and north Essex countryside where he grew up but the local wildlife he loves and knows so well is now the main focus of his work.

Taking inspiration from past masters such as R B Talbot Kelly and Eric Ennion, Andrew has developed his own distinctive style: his lively bold linocuts with added watercolour are the work of an artist who really knows his medium and his subjects. Andrew was elected a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists in 1988 and has won several awards.

Signed copies of the enlarged second edition of Andrew's book The Winter Hare and his new book Halcyon are available post-free. Please see our book pages for details.