Anne Townshend artist at the Aubrey Art Gallery

The Aubrey Art Gallery

Anne Townshend

Anne Townshend Since cutting down the hours I spend at work, I have more time to enjoy experimenting, learning and developing my art.

Using watercolour sometimes combined with charcoal, had always been my favoured medium - particularly when working with landscape -, but most recently I have become very involved with printing techniques, specifically linocutting. Carving my designs into lino block gives me satisfyingly graphic images, which I am continuing to exploit and explore. Recently I have acquired an Albion printing press, enabling me to work in my studio at home. I am constantly inspired by the Stour Valley, where I am lucky enough to live, and can often be found sketching in my local fields and lanes.

The Print Workshop at Gainsborough's House has provided me with much support and instruction, where I have participated in various courses. I am also a member of '4PM' - we are 4 printmakers who met at Gainsborough's House and have come together to share ideas occasionally exhibiting as a group.

Amongst many, Ravilious, Bawden and the Nash brothers are all heroes of mine. Creating my art is my pleasure, hopefully it gives others pleasure, too.